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Saturday, August 28, 2004

The Peace Party

Ahmed Amr - Media Monitors - Aug 28, 2004 - An intense case for rallying behind the Nader 'Peace Party' - the full article is found here.

"If the only reason you are holding out on voting for Nader is your conviction that he can’t win – then you are merely reinforcing the religion of the War Party. You have become a major part of the problem.A generation ago, the American peace movement voted for McGovern even though they were certain he would lose. Liberals voted for Carter knowing that Reagan was the likely victor. America Firsters voted for Buchanan as a matter of principal – not because of his political prospects.

Besides, whatever happened to voting for the political agenda that would best serve the nation. This is not a horse race. It’s an election. There is more at stake here than a two-dollar bet. We shouldn’t be expected to vote on the odds – any more than we should consider voting for the candidate with the largest campaign coffers.

The time for horse trading with the pack of mules in the Democratic Party is over. Their leaders have done nothing but inflate the size of the big elephant in the room. Kerry’s battle cry is that he has better hair than the incumbent. Toss him a plastic comb and vote for the candidate with a real alternative agenda – Ralph Nader.

Independent minded Americans should forget about the polls and which War Party candidate their brother is voting for. If enough of us decide to vote for our first choice, Ralph Nader will win. If we lose this time, we will win next time. If not this Ralph – another Nader will rise to lead us to an America we can proudly leave as an inheritance to future generations. To waste such a promise on a vote for Kerry borders on criminal insanity.

The Peace Party should rather lose with honor than honor the agenda of the War Party. Let future generations know that many of us rallied to the Peace Party’s barricades even though the odds were stacked against us. Let us resolve to make no concessions to the War Party. Show no fear.

This is our Alamo and Ralph Nader is our Davy Crockett. We may lose the battle but we will inevitably win the peace by dramatically redrawing the boundaries of America’s political map.

Libertarians, Greens, independent progressives and authentic conservatives should join hands with Buchanites and rally to the Peace Party’s camp. We all need healthier choices at the political salad bar.

If we are content with a choice of the CNN candidate or the Fox nominee – we might just as well stay home and have Rupert Murdoch appoint our next president. Given the chance, what true patriot would not join the fray to deliver a crippling blow to the insidious assault on the democratic process by the unelected media titans who would rule us with the iron fist of Rupert’s Murdochracy. On that count alone, we have more in common than any issue that might divides us.

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