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Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Neighbourhood watch

Mr. I'm reporting for duty Kerry - has proposed creating Neighbourhood Terror Watch Groups -

Angry Arab News Service has this to say:

So I was pondering the idea of John Kerry regarding the formation of terrorism watch groups in one's neighborhood.

But I realized that I have a disadvantage in my neighborhood as I do not talk to any of my neighbors, and do not know any of their names. I am the only single and the only Arab person here.

So I decided to take matters in my own hands. I stood watch all day yesterday, looking for any suspicious activities as instructed by the wise leader John Kerry (who one week wants to add troops in Iraq and another week wants to reduce troops in Iraq).

I was very vigilant as I looked around until I saw one man who certainly was suspicious: he was a Middle Eastern looking man with curly hair to boot. And he dared to speak English with a heavy Arabic accent. I was naturally alarmed.

I followed him for a whole hour, making sure that he does not see me. I kept chasing him until it led me to my own door step. That suspicious looking person was alas only me.

Having realized my mistake, I felt dejected.

And today, Ralph Nader responded to Kerry's Me Tooism
"It becomes more difficult every day to know what John Kerry stands for. At the Democratic Convention he says he would not send troops to war unless absolutely necessary, now he says he would have authorized troops for Iraq, despite what we now know.

Prior to the Convention he said he would keep the troops in Iraq throughout his first term in the presidency, last week he said he would reduce them in the first six months, then his aides clarified his statement and said reduction was ‘a best case target,’ said Nader.

"Why is he letting George W. Bush off the hook and letting down the widening anti-war movement and like-minded citizens in the U.S.A.?" Read more here