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Tuesday, August 03, 2004

Nader/Camejo full steam ahead!

While the nay sayers continue to indulge in all kinds of delusions of glory under the two war parties - the Nader/Camejo campaigen continues to gather signatures and secure a place on the ballot. Democracy Now! and more democracy now!

The Independent Presidential Campaign of Ralph Nader submitted signatures today in Massachusetts. The Nader/Camejo Campaign submitted well over the 10,000 valid signatures required by Massachusetts. The signatures were submitted to more than 200 townships across the state. Nader has met the deadlines of Arkansas, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Dakota and West Virginia in the last week. The Nader/Camejo Campaign has filed signatures in fourteen states. In addition, the Reform Party includes the potential for seven state ballot lines.

ā€œNow that the ballot access phase of this independent campaign will soon be behind us, I am looking forward to debating issues of concern to the American people with President Bush and Senator Kerry,ā€ said Nader.