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Monday, August 23, 2004

Nader Pulls Arab Support

Nader draws ire of pro-Israeli Americans
By Hussein Ibish - Daily Star

Perhaps more than any other important national political figure in the United States of Arab origin, Nader really has begun to sound like a representative of his community on issues such as Palestine and Iraq.

His frank criticism of US Middle East policy has certainly ruffled pro-Israeli feathers, but it has ensured Nader's continued appeal to many Arab-Americans, especially given widespread disapproval of US President George W. Bush's foreign policy, and disappointment that Senator John Kerry seems to offer few alternatives, especially with regard to Israel.

Nader told The Daily Star that while he has been getting considerable support, "too many Arab Americans have equipped themselves with microscopes, desperately trying to find differences between (President) Bush and Kerry on foreign policy, and there is none - they are both trying to run to the right of each other."

"We are the only anti-war candidacy and have a lot more knowledge of the Middle East than the other two," he said.

He urged Arab-Americans to "deny Bush their vote, and send a message to Kerry by voting for us, because when you are taken for granted, you are taken."

Some prominent American Muslim leaders who supported Bush in 2000 are known to be quietly but strongly supportive of Nader, but are keeping a low profile because they do not wish to be seen as indirectly supporting Bush again.

Naseem Tufaha, an Arab-American activist in Seattle, is among those involved in creating an "Arab-Americans for Nader" website, which seeks to generate support for the campaign in the community through online activism. He dismisses the idea that supporting Nader is simply an indirect way of supporting Bush, telling The Daily Star, "the Arab-American vote is being taken for granted by Bush and Kerry - we need to create an environment where candidates feel they have something to lose and something to gain from paying attention to our views."

Albert Mokhiber, a Washington attorney supportive of Nader and a former president of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee, told The Daily Star, "there aren't two candidates, there are three, and the other two are exactly the same on foreign policy. ... Would you rather have arsenic or cyanide?" he asked rhetorically.

"I'd rather have a vitamin, and Nader is a vitamin."
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