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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Nader Ahead of the FBI?

Ralph Nader was ahead of intelligence 20 years ago when he lobbied for mandatory air-craft cockpit 'hardening' to prevent hijackings. The industry called in connections to save themselves from the inevitable cost of steel and bolts. It would appear 20 years later, Nader has beaten intelligence to the punch, yet again.

Was Ralph Nader ahead of the FBI and nearly all members of the US Government when he criticized Israeli influence in Washington? Weeks ago Nader was labeled anti-Semitic by the Anti-Defamation League and the Washington Post: who manipulated Nader's original quotation to make him appear racist. Nader's full reply to the ADL can be found here on August 12, 2004.

From the Jerusalem Post: Read Full

In a three-page letter dated August 5, Nader responded to Foxman by noting, "The Israelis have a joke for the obvious – that the United States is the second state of Israel." "How often, if ever, has the United States – either the Congress of the White House – pursued a course of action, since 1956, that contradicted the Israeli government's position?"

Nader lamented what he described as the lack of freedom in the US to debate and discuss the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and he attacked the American Israel Public Affairs Committee, the pro-Israel lobby, for its influence on Capitol Hill.

"Citizen groups are in awe of AIPAC's ditto machine on Capitol Hill as are many members of Congress who, against their private judgment, resign themselves to sign on the dotted line," he wrote.

Attached to Nader's letter were copies of an article that appeared in the Nation magazine about pro-peace movements in the US, and a letter signed by hundreds of IDF reservists who refuse to serve in the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

Foxman said Nader was continuing to spread a "canard" about the Jews. "He fuels the conspiracy theory that the Jews control the White House and the Congress. And it's a lot more sinister after Iraq," Foxman said, adding that Nader's comments "border on anti-Semitism."

Foxman owes Nader an apology. Claiming "it's a lot more sinister after Iraq" - After the FBI suspects a top level Israeli spy in the Pentagon - in a position to influence U.S. policy toward Iraq and Iran.

By Foxman's own standards, he should accuse the FBI of 'bordering on anti-Semitism' after the FBI named the exact group Nader mentioned - AIPAC, as connected.

This makes one consider what the Anti-Defamation League's duty is? Is it merely a bulldog to protect Israel from criticism that is open and encouraged in Israel itself? Anyway you cut it, Foxman and the Washington Post own Nader an apology. Especially if the FBI finds Israelis are influencing policy in the Pentagon, let alone the White House and Congress where AIPAC does this legally.