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Thursday, August 05, 2004

Muslims organizations to endorse Bush? Again?!

This article on wealthy Muslims' endorsement of Bush is worth a mention - if only to reveal corrupting influences:

MWU!: What kind of reaction are you getting from Muslims so far? Isn’t it an uphill battle?

Muhammad Ali Hasan: Muslims don’t know the full story and it takes a website like ours that shows all the points to make people rethink their positions. Not every Muslim has the best information at hand right now. [Former CIA Director] George Tenet has been providing us with our information.

And MWU! does a quick search of their own to find that the family behind this endorsement has given over a $100,000 to the Republican campaigen!
a quick search of just the direct contributions to Bush and the Republican National Committee in the 2004 campaign cycle by Hasan family members in Colorado yields over $100,000—this doesn’t count other soft money and funds solicited from others...