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Thursday, August 05, 2004

More (not Moore) on the dying American democracy

The Democrats continue to hammer away at whatever little is left of democracy in the United Sates - the latest news is from Pennsylvania, where the state house leader, DeWeese, is preparing to "do everything in his power to knock Ralph Nader off the ballot in Pennsylvania."

The progressive deafening silence, on the whithering away of democracy, is explained away as the "anybody but Bush" (ABB) strategy - that would postpone direct challanges to the Democratic Party until after November 2nd.

But many of us have either lived under military rule, studied history, or done solidarity work with people who have lived in anti/non-democratic regimes. One lesson we have learned is that once we let our guard down, and allow a postponement of democracy (not only elections) it is a very difficult, and long battle to win it back. All kinds of imaginative excuses can be made up from ballot cards not ready, to the current ABB mentality of "this is an emergency, democracy is in danger - therefore, for the next three months, just ignore the idea of democracy - we'll look the other way, for now (they say)."

At the same time, it is interesting to note, that while many progressives have fallen asleep under the ABB spell - journalists writing for mainstream newspapers seem to be picking up the slack. This is one strange election year - but also one that is so very important - as we begin to seriously confront these issues.

John Grogan writes in the Phillidelphia Inquirer (excerpts)

Should we hijack Nader supporters on the way to the voting precinct and hold them hostage at a Waffle House until the polls close at 8 p.m.?

I'm not nearly so worried about the "Nader Effect" as I am about the "DeWeese Effect" - that cynical, partisan approach to democracy that believes it is perfectly fine to disenfranchise thousands of voters simply because they do not blindly accept the two-party oligarchy.

Remember democracy? That quaint notion of popular elections and representative government and one person, one vote? Perhaps DeWeese & Co. could use a refresher course

Elections are about choice, not about stifling choice.

Run, Ralph, run. And may the best man win. Read more here