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Sunday, August 29, 2004

Live from NY - Ringing for Peace

The destruction of the twin towers has had a profound impact on our world, on politics, and has resulted in an escalation of wars and conflict. Many of us also experienced a movement within, at a deeply personal level.

For some of us it has meant a journey towards a deeper understanding of Islam, what does it mean to be a Muslim? For others, the tragedy has shaken us out of our respective slumber, and we have begun to awaken. The subsequent wars, invasions of Afghanistan, Iraq, the horrifying condition of the Palestinian people, have also led to a renewal of social action and movements throughout our beautiful planet.

It was with some of these thoughts that I visited ground zero today. When I arrived, it seemed almost anticlimatic - I expected a somber, almost sacred grounds to be remembered and respected. But I found tourists from all different backgrounds taking pictures of the fenced in remains of the World Trade Center. It took me some time to move to a space of remembering the terrible loss of life, away from mere curiosity of a spectator.

I was very grateful when the planned action to claim ground zero for all people began. This ground does NOT belong to any political party - it is not something that the Republicans can claim, nor the Democrats for their short term political gains - to be used as an excuse to kill more innocent peoples.

The action was a simple one, a couple of thousand bell ringers surrounded Ground Zero, and for two hours rang small and large bells in unison. Each ring for each person who died in that violent act. The whole area was transformed for those two hours into a melody of bells. There were people of many backgrounds, young and younger and even younger all were present.

The action was a powerful one in another important respect; that to use deaths, and this tragedy to further escalate conflict and wars is so wrong. There is real meaning to those words "Not In My Name" that might be understood through participating in such an action. What gives these people in power, Republicans and Democrats (with a few honorable exceptions such as Barbara Lee) the right to cynically use such a tragedy to launch wars after wars, with no end in sight?!

But there is another side to this - and that is something that Ralph Nader has said so many times: "If you don't turn onto politics, then politics will turn on you!" If we do not want our history to be expolited in such ways, then we must become involved citizens, and hold these public servants accountable.

And if they want our votes, then we have to ask difficult questions - will what is being proposed by a candidate lead to more bloodshed, more violence, an ever increasing level of conflict?! Then such a candidate does not deserve our vote - and there is no reason to freely hand over our vote.

Later this morning, New York will experience a major anti-war, pro-peace march - tens of thousands of people are arriving in The City from all over the country. We will let Bush (and Kerry) know that the majority of Americans are against more war, and we, the people, want a nation that will be a force for peace, inshallah.