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Sunday, August 08, 2004

A Kucinich delegate speaks out!

For many progressive Democrats, and even for some Greens - the Kucinich campaigen represented some faint hope of pushing for an anti-war, and a progressive platform for the Demcoratic Party. Kucinich was the hope that, whoever emerged as the victor, would be forced to listen to a groundswell of anti-war opposition within the Democratic Party.

That hope was not entirely unfounded, Kucinich promised to his supporters that he would take his message all the way upto the convention. But it was erroneous in assuming that a party that is so completely entrenched in corporatism, and so entirely dependent on corporate money -that it could possibly take a socially responsible course.

As was expected by most Greens, and Nader/Camejo supporters - Kerry is posing as a war presidential canidate - "reporting for duty" - and Kucinich's anti-war delegates at the Demo. convention were silenced into submission to the pro-war message.

There are now, some progressive Democrats who are beginning to understand these issues - and have begun to speak out, hopefully more people will have the courage to raise these important issues.

Charley Underwood writes:

So I want to say very clearly that this convention had absolutely nothing to do with grassroots politics or representative democracy. It was designed as a high-end infomercial. There was a constant drumbeat for "unity" and "message." Sadly, the message was entirely about how qualified John Kerry was to lead our nation in war. There was no mention of our desire for peace, except for some of Dennis's comments and a few unscripted remarks by Sharpton.

... they have their plan: Run like Bush-lite, then blame Nader when you lose.

The question arises: Should we now support Kerry? It's a hard one. How can we support someone whose idea of progress is to put a velvet glove on the iron fist of colonialism? How can we support someone who speaks of a willingness to support unilateral wars (under the right conditions) and whose campaign is so overwhelmingly military in his values.

... the voices of my community here came to me from across the miles, reminding me that all this strategy was nothing, compared to the death of a single child in Falluja or a single grandmother in Raffa.

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