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Saturday, August 28, 2004

Kerry threathens Syria, Iran, and middle-east!

Kerry (yes, that guy who wants to become President of the United States) has begun beating drums of war before even getting into the White House! What kind of a choice is this?!! We have someone in office who has taken us to war under false pretexts - and now, we have Kerry trying to outdo him every passing day!!!

In an article in the newsweekly Forward, Kerry outlines his grand agenda:

(The following main points are based on a news blog that appeared on Muslim Wake Up! )

* The main threats to US national security are Saudi funding of terror, Syria, Iran's nuclear program, and terrorism against Israel ("the one true democracy")

* Kerry plans to get an "international coalition" together against Iran

*Kerry plans to impose sanctions on Syria

*Kerry plans to have special state department office to fight anti-semitism (what about establishing a Department of Peace - hellooo Kuchinich supporters, where are you? Hellooo??!!!)

* And support for the Aparthied Wall of Israel!

Don't we Americans, and our planet, our world, don't we deserve better?!!!

The only presidential candidate that has made any commitments towards peace is Ralph Nader, and his VP candidate Peter Camejo!

I am writing this from New York City where I will be joining the Nader/Camejo contingent to march, and take a stand against war, and threats of war! It is about time, the "anybody but bush" contingent took a clear stand! Do we deserve more war under Kerry/Bush ticket, or are we going to seriously build a peace movement?!!!

This November, for your family, for our beautiful country, America, for our planet,