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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

The Green Party - A "leadership" out of touch!

The Green Party has , in past years, made important strides - the 2000 Nader run put the Greens on the map as an important force in US electoral politics. In California, strong showings by Peter Camejo (Ralph Nader's running mate) in the governor's race, and Matt Gonzales run for mayor in San Francisco - has earned the Greens a far more important role than in earlier years.

Given this strong showing, quite possibly the Green "leadership" was pressured (by Democratic Party operatives) into adopting the Anybody But Bush (ABB) doctrine - it was this mentality that resulted in a rigged convention in Milwaukee that nominated David Cobb over the obvious choices of Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo.

David Cobb is running a campaigen that essentially endorses the Democratic war presidential canidacy of Kerry.

This manuver has resulted in a discrediting of the important work that many Green Party members have done over the years - after all, if an anti-war party does not have the courage to stand up to a pro-war Democratic Party canidate - it becomes questionable if it has the motivation to become a major party.

An important Green principle is non-violence - when the Green Party's presidential canidate refuses to run a campaigen to counter "Yes - I support the war - Kerry," it suggests that the Greens no longer view their own principles as something to stand on.

Many Muslim Americans and Arab Americans (along with many people of color, and euro american progressives) - have considered Greens to best represent their political identity. According to one (unscientific) study , 20-25% of Muslims are planning on voting for Nader/Camejo and a similar number identify with the politics of the Green Party.

Given these issues within the Green Party, one wonders if this party "leadership" represents the grassroots anymore. And this raises important questions for Green Muslims and others who identify with the Greens - does the Green Party, as it is now, deserve our support? Can we continue to identify with a party whose "leadership" are so close to the Democrats that they run a canidate who, in turn, endorses a war canidate? Are the Greens really an alternative?

No doubt there are tens of thousands of grassroots Greens who are very opposed to the "leadership" - and are going to make an attempt to take back the party. However, the Green grassroots must also make it clear that they are an anti-war party, a party independent of the Democrats, AND one that will stand on its principles.

For more information on the issues raised, here is a reading list:

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