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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Democratic Party: No More Democracy

After 9/11/01, progressives agreed on one thing: destroying our civil rights would mean a victory for the terrorists. And, based on this understanding, we opposed any act that would undermine the US constitution - and so we stood against the Patriot Act. (John Kerry, and John Edwards, did not join us in this opposition).

The same fearmongering that gave us the Patriot Act, the war on Afghanistan, the war on Iraq - is now threathening the very basis of our democracy: choice. But this time we cannot blame the Republicans - this time it is the Democrats who are indulging in this very dangerous act of fearmongering.

Yes, the Republicans stole the elections in 2000, denying tens of thousands of African Americans the right to vote in Florida, denying a re-count, and a Supreme Court that ruled in a partisan manner - and not for justice. But now the Democrats are playing a similar game: denying Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo the right to be on the ballot.

The Democrats are busy creating new rules, filing lawsuits, spreading rumors and lies - all in the name of fear Bush. This too must be opposed - one wonders where is Michael Moore's righteous voice this time? Are we to only hold Republicans accountable? But when the Democrats destroy democracy, we remain silent? This is not only a sad state of affairs - it is very dangerous for our country, for our democracy. To give up our democracy for some imagined short term gains - means a victory for not only Bush and the neo-cons, but also for those who perpetuated the crimes on 9/11/01.

Greg Bates, says it well in his article on "Who Fears Nader?"

Senator John Kerry wants the presidency so badly that he is closing down democracy to get it.Policy positions merit serious scrutiny, but when the party of the working person, the party that claims to have a vision to heal the divide between what Sen. John Edwards calls the "two Americas," turns its back on voters' right to choose whom they elect, no American should let that stand

Democratic National Committee Chairman Terry McAuliffe has admitted approving efforts to block Ralph Nader from appearing on the ballot in 19 battleground states. From using state employees in Illinois to question petition signatures, to hiring corporate law firms to mount frivolous challenges to Nader's ballot efforts, the Democratic Party and John Kerry, who does nothing to stop these tactics, have made it very clear: no more democracy. Read more here