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Saturday, August 14, 2004

Cynthia Mckinney

Cyntihia Mckinney had represented Georgia congressional district four for 10 years, when she was ousted in 2002, in a primary run that included tens of thousands of crossover Republican voters. These voteres wanted to punish her for 1) her outspoken advocacy for Palestinian rights, and 2) her calling for an investigation of the 9/11 tragedy - this statement was then twisted by the mainstream media who manufactured words that Mckinney never uttered!

Greg Palast did an excellent investigative report on this:

What can be read is her call for a follow-up on the revelations from the BBC and USA Today on the information about a growing terror threat ignored by Bush . . . and whether the policy response -- war, war, war -- was protecting America or simply enriching Bush’s big arms industry donors and business partners. Fair questions. But asking them is dangerous . . . to one’s political career.

Cynthia Mckinney has also been a strong supporter of human rights, including Palestinian rights, and has questioned the huge $$$ aid to Israel that Congress approves without giving due consideration to human rights violations. But more importently, she does not refrain from critiquing divisions within communities, in an interview at the Palestine Center Annual Conference (2003) she said:

The African-American community – as you know, many African Americans are Muslims themselves. But as I've traveled around, what I also have seen is that there's even a division inside the mosque. You've got the black mosque and you've got the non-black mosque, you've got the black part of the mosque. So all of these little divisions are really silly at the end of the day, because when the ship goes down, we all drown. The ship, I'm telling you, it is going down. University professors where I just came from, university professors are being threatened, cajoled, intimidated. Area studies is under attack.
Mckinney has also called for a strategic partnership between Arab and Muslim Americans and Latino and Black communities - this, unfortunately, has not taken place, and she points out accurately:
There's been too much division. As Dick Gregory says, the Arab Americans came here thinking they were white and now they found out they are colored people, just like us.

The partnership should have happened a long time ago. The bridge is the black person that prays next to you, the black American who prays next to you. That bridge was never crossed. So it's a bit late, when you're in trouble now, to come and say, I want to form a partnership with you all. It's a bit late. But because the entire country is in trouble, everybody needs help.
This year, 2004, Cynthia Mckinney again ran for office - and won a resounding 51% in the primary elections in June.
The big story is the return of Cynthia McKinney to the U.S. Congress. Voters of the 4th District gave her the nod with 51 per cent of the vote. McKinney bested a field of five other candidates in a bid for the seat she lost two years ago.
Let's now turn our attention to campaigen financing, a quick search reveals she received $251,039, 93% of this money coming from individuals, her major donors include International Longshoreworkers Union ($2000), and the Boilermakers Union ($1000) - and the only corporation appears to be Real Estate Dynamics ($2000)!

And that's it! No huge corporations, no big corporate law firms, nothing! A true grassroots campaigen!

A Sincere Politician, Cynthia Mckinney is an honorable exception to the corporate corruptions - Viva Cynthia Mckinney!

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