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Wednesday, August 04, 2004

A convention of the rich, for the rich, and financed by the rich

Do we really like what America has become? Do we really want either of the two corporate rich men's party? Throw both these con men out - this November 2nd vote for real change -!

Ralph Nader on the Democratic Convention:

The people, voters, taxpayers, workers were detained in a "free speech zone' (catch the irony) that looked like an ad hoc concentration camp. The intimidating zone was distant enough not to be convenient to the electronic media placements. In a phrase, the Democratic Party did what it does so regularly in Washington it shut out the people who resigned themselves to social justice gatherings elsewhere in Boston.

But the "people' should have been smarter. They should have had contrasting parties held by dispossessed workers, defrauded consumers, medical malpractice victims, fleeced taxpayers, small farmers, and polluted communities with open invitations for the politicians to attend. The media like contrasts, especially when very few of these congressional delegates would have left their lavish business bashes to greet the Americans they court and flatter only at election time from distant stages and 30-second television ads. Read more here