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Monday, August 16, 2004

California News

redwood sea

After a valiant four week effort, California collected a little over a 100,000 signatures. Considering the odds, and a major effort by the Democratic Party against the Nader/Camejo campaigen, this is an accomplishment that everyone involved should be proud of! An earlier blog on the challenges we faced in California is here

A few days ago, the San Francisco Bay Area volunteers met with Peter Camejo, and discussed the next stage of our campaigen. While many might prefer we "just go away" - the movement for democracy, more democracy, is here to stay - in California, and all over the United States. We will be working on an enthusiastic write-in campaigen - with hundreds of volunteers keeping the issues alive.

Peter pointed out the inconsistencies of many of the "anybuddy but bush" folks, who do not at all agree with Kerry, yet will vote for him. Indeed, Kerry's statement that he would still vote for the war (even after all the revelations about the Bush lies) - suggests that he is not even a Bush lite!

So, then why exactly are many of these fine progressives and liberals clamoring for a vote for Kerry?! I don't think Peter, or anyone quite has the answers - but perhaps fear is one important motivating factor. But no social movement can possibly hope to succeed if the "leaders" themselves are so full of fear.

Many of the volunteers talked about their experiences, and we were in general agreement that there was a great deal more receptivity to the Nader/Camejo campaigen in more working class neighbourhoods, and amongst people of color - than in the usual liberal spots. But the question comes up, why is the Democratic Party, supposedly a party that represents this constituency, not taking advantage of this disaffection?

The answer lies in the corporate domination of the party structure that does not allow it to raise issues important to working families anymore. Both parties have similar interests, and, it is for this reason Kerry is after the same voters that Bush is.... neither will go after the 50%+ of the population who don't even bother voting anymore (this is why the Democratic Party candidate has to be very similar to the Republican ).

Peter also discussed issues with the Green Party, and the necessity for the party to be a real independent progressive party that will not be afraid to take on the duopoly. Unfortunately, the leadership appears to have bowed to pressures from the Democratic Party - and is, this year, running a campaigen that is not even on the radar screen of most people outside of the usual Green circles. Hardly a recepie for growth, more like one for stunting the party at a very crucile period.

Gayle Mclaughlin, a Green candidate running for the Richmond city council - also attended the meeting, and expressed her support for the Nader/Camejo campaigen.

There is already a great deal of discussion and debate taking place on the future course of the Green Party, and it is expected that this will continue throughout the next few months, and beyond.

The volunteers who came to the meeting were enthusiastic, interested, and energitic - ready to get into the next phase of this challenging, and very important campaigen. And, we expect to continue our work beyond this election year - regardless of who gets into the white house.