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Friday, August 20, 2004

Bad News for Democrats

The Democrats have used every trick in the Nixon play-book to harass Ralph Nader, Peter Camejo and his staff & volunteers.

Here is the latest:
From and

Washington, DC : The Independent Presidential Campaign of Ralph Nader and Peter Miguel Camejo notes that a report by the Center for Responsive Politics provides reliable data that, among the Nader donors surveyed, Republican donors who are funding George W. Bush are giving more money to the Democrats than to the Nader/Camejo Campaign.

The Center for Responsive Politics found only 4% of Nader's funding came from donors who had also given to Republicans. This compares to 25% of Nader's votes in 2000 coming from registered Republicans. These same Republican donors gave more money to Democrats ($66,000), than to Nader ($54,000). See

The Nader/Camejo Campaign makes the following additional points:
In addition to one-quarter of Nader's voters in 2000 being registered Republicans, Nader has worked with individual Republicans throughout the course of his career. One donor mentioned by the Center, Jeno Paulucci, the Florida frozen pizza roll magnate, worked with Nader on public interest issues regarding the Mesabi Iron Range, in Minnesota. Other Republicans in this category include Robert Monks (corporate governance) and Ben Stein (investors' rights).
Not only is the 4% of donations a tiny portion of Nader's support, it comes from people who agree with him on the issues and want him to get his message out to the public.
Kevin Zeese, Nader's campaign spokesman, went further to say:
Zeese said some Republicans who have contributed to Nader are the candidate's former classmates and colleagues. Others are Muslim Americans who agree with Nader's views about ending the American occupation in Iraq but agree with Bush’s conservative family values, he said. (full article)

A brief list of the Democrats recent misdeeds: (we need a blog on this topic alone)
Compiled by the Socialist Worker...

--In Oregon, Nader tried to qualify for the ballot under a state law allowing candidates to hold a meeting of 1,000 or more voters, who would sign petitions for Nader. Groups of Democrats infiltrated the convention--in order to prevent real Nader supporters from getting in to sign petitions. The convention fell 50 signatures short of the 1,000 needed to get Nader on the Oregon ballot--meaning that the Nader campaign will have to gather 15,000 signatures statewide.

-- Democratic Lawyers Send Letters to Nader Oregon Petitioners Threatening Incarceration and $100,000 Fines.

--In Arizona, the Nader campaign was forced to withdraw its bid to get on the ballot after Democrats filed a lawsuit in June to invalidate Nader’s petitions. The substance of the Democrats’ complaint? Some of the more than 22,000 signatures submitted to state authorities had been gathered by convicted felons, a violation of the state’s undemocratic ballot laws. Here, too, Nader was left just short of the number of signatures needed to qualify. But his campaign lacked the money to challenge the lawsuit in court. "They litigated us out of the race," Nader spokesman Kevin Zeese told CNN.

--In Michigan, the Democratic Party allegedly hired a contractor to check the validity of Nader signatures--and the contractor outsourced the work to India. (I think Flint, Michigan could have used these jobs paid for by Kerry donors...)

--In South Carolina--a state where Kerry has little chance of winning, Democrats appealed for volunteers to challenge Nader’s ballot petitions--and groups of Democrats have begun trying to strike enough signatures to get him booted from the ballot.

-- Illinois is the dirtiest thus far: Ralph Nader has to submit 25,000 valid signatures of registered voters--five times the requirement for the Democrats and Republicans. In June, the campaign submitted 33,000 signatures--usually more than enough to qualify. But then the state’s Democratic Party machine got to work.

The Nader campaign recently discovered that many of the "volunteers" sitting in for the Democrats to challenge signatures in June and July include full-time state employees, part-time state contractors and interns. The Illinois Leader , which examined the sign-in sheets for the Cook County Clerk’s Office and the Chicago Board of Elections during the weeks of the Nader petition challenge, found the names of 20 employees of Illinois House Speaker Mike Madigan’s office.

Nader fired back: "It is illegal for them to use state employees, on the taxpayers’ dime, to try to keep a candidate off the ballot."


Meanwhile... the Democrats have been draping the Republicans in fine silk:

This all-out effort against Nader stands in stark contrast to the way that state Democrats made sure that George W. Bush was on the ballot. The late date of this year's Republican Party convention meant that Bush would not be able to meet a state deadline requiring that the official nominee be named by August 30.
So Democrats, led by Gov. Rod Blagojevich, helped pass an amendment allowing an exception for Bush. It’s enough to make you wonder who the Democrats are really running harder against: Bush or Nader?
And it's the Democrats that are proposing conscription in 2005. See the Draft Squad.

If Democrats are in bed with the GOP. It's not worth scrutinizing the 2 with a microscope...

I'm voting Nader/Camejo...and if dirty tricks keep them off my ballot... I'll write them in...