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Monday, August 09, 2004

And in today's war news...

Dark Cloud

While the Democratic Party "progressives" go ga ga over their new found love of war presidential canidates of Kerry/Edwards - and the Anybuddy but Bush silliness continue to hide their heads in the sand...

Iraq spins out of control, the United States is once again engaged in never ending major combat - And Kerry continues to say "Yes" to war, he would've just done it "differently"

John Kerry said Monday he would not have changed his vote to authorize the war against Iraq, but said he would have handled things "very differently" from President Bush.
Oil prices reach record highs, and NATO's peace keeping misssion is described as highly unreliable in Afghanistan!

In the midst of all this, Rep. Ron Paul - a Republican - talks about Police State USA
Every new security measure represents another failure of the once-courageous American spirit. The more we change our lives, the more we obsess about terrorism, the more the terrorists have won.

Stephen Zunes points out the failure of the Democrats to offer an alternative voice for peace
not only have Senators John Kerry and John Edwards continued to defend their support of the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq, the 2004 Democratic platform complains that the administration “did not send sufficient forces to accomplish the mission.”
And Youssef M. Ibrahim writes about the Democrat neo-cons -
But to those millions who aspire to better days under a Democratic administration led by Sen. John Kerry, think again. The Democratic Party's neo-con vampires are a lot worse than the current ones - the second movie could be more frightening than the first. Read more here.
This November vote for peace