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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

5 Ways to Give Back to Ralph Nader

Ralph Nader has tirelessly defended consumer rights since he took on General Motors in the 1960's. He's defended us against greed, negligence, pollution, corruption of the elite and powerful. Does this matter to you?

Despite your personal views of Ralph Nader, if you or a loved one were saved by a seat-belt or air-bag he's the man to thank. Does this matter to you?

When Harvard University published the lie that African-Americans are inferior to whites -student Nader challenged them, does this matter to you?

If you don't have health-care, yet Canada, EU, Japan and Australia does... if you've lost your right to the courts... if you're not proud that 1/2 of every tax $ ends up in the Pentagon....

....If you're Muslim, name another man more willing to trade his reputation in the name of liberty and truth? Willing to restore your rights in this country and for your fellow Muslims around the world - those that are impoverished and occupied. Does this matter to you?

If these things don't matter to you...what does?

Howard Zinn reminds us true progress in America didn't come from senators and presidents -but from everyday people like you. Ralph did it - let's follow fine his example! Politics is not a spectator sport!

Here are 5 ways to give back to Ralph Nader for what he has done for us...

1.) Get involved with the Nader/Camejo campaign as a volunteer (click here) and hop on the campaign email list. (click here)
2.) Write to those harassing Ralph in Oregon and other key states - denying millions their right to vote their conscience. Write the media ignoring this fiasco, write to the Washington Post who is smearing Nader by calling him an anti-Semite...write, write, write.
3.) Buy Nader Gear before September 1st - any purchase is matched with the Federal Funds!
4.) Read: "The Good Fight" and become familiar with key issues the debates will skip!

...5.) Take one out of Ralph's play book and don't let them take your vote for granted on Nov.2. They don't own any us! We can dissent against this malignant greed by declaring Nov. 2, 2004 - Vote /\/ADER / CAMEJO DAY!!!!!