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Thursday, July 29, 2004

Who is John Kerry?!!

As "the band of brothers" gathered at the convention to laud John Kerry's courage - left out of the picture by this band, and by Kerry himself, and by all the speakers at the convention was this statement that he made in 1971 against the war in Vietnam.

We have come here, not to the President, because we believe that this body can be responsive to the will of the people, and we believe that the will of the people says that we should be out of Vietnam now....

Why was this part of Kerry's life ignored, and completely left out of the picture ?

The answer is simple - John Kerry is a hawk - he is a hawk without even a disguise of a dove!

Let's take a look at the Democratic Party's presidential canidate in his own words, and past record:

Following are excerpted from John Kerry - The Me Too Canidate

"The most important thing about Sen. Kerry’s op-ed, I thought is how similar it really is to Bush administration policy, and that I say in praise of him," William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard magazine, said in an interview with the Washington Post’s Terry Neal. Kristol is also chairman of Project for the New American Century, the pro-war foreign policy think tank that has called for war on Iraq since the mid—1990s.
"I do not fault George Bush for doing too much in the war on terror," Kerry likes to say. "I believe he’s done too little."
In mid—March, he vowed to "do whatever it takes to ensure that the 21st century American military is the strongest in the world. I will not hesitate to use force when it is needed to wage and win the war on terror."
And these excerpts from Canidate Kerry
"I was more opposed to the war than ever", Kerry told Brinkley in 2003, "yet more compelled by patriotism to fight it. I guess until you're in it, you still want to try it."
One of his fellow lieutenants, James R. Wasser, described him admiringly in these words: "Kerry was an extremely aggressive officer and so was I. I liked that he took the fight to the enemy, that he was tough and gutsy--not afraid to spill blood for his country."
Kerry enthusiastically backed both of Bush's wars, and in June of 2004, at the very moment Bush signaled a desire to retreat, the senator called for 25,000 new troops to be sent to Iraq, with a plan for the US military to remain entrenched there for at least the next four years.
Kerry supported the Patriot Act without reservation or even much contemplation.
And, in this blog, I pointed out how Kerry and Bush are virtually indistinguishable on the critical issue of Israel - Palestine.

What does one make of all this? The media will uncritically go bonkers over Kerry's speech - as they usually do after such conventions - that is their unfortunate role.

Those of us who are in the peace and social justice movements, of-course, will quickly realize the glaring omission of Kerry's "peace years" - and the implications this has for the people of Iraq, Afghanistan, and Palestine, the world over.

Kerry, himself, said it best:
Not in the least. I think we have to be in Iraq. What have I flipped on? I just think we oughtto do it right!
Our job, beginning NOW, is not to peddle meaningless "anybody but bush" slogans, but to seriously organize, and speak to the issues of peace and justice. Kerry or Bush in the White House - we will have to continue and redouble our work to end this horrible war.

For yourself, for your family, for America, for Planet Earth, this November