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Tuesday, July 27, 2004

Republicans financing Democrats

Republicans financing Democrats

Much has been made of Republicans supposedly financing Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo's indepdent campaigen. In Boston, the Democrats got together to coordinate an "anti-Nader strategy" - and one of their findings was this:

"They also discussed the results of polling that found when they publicize Nader's acceptance of money and help from Republicans, it erodes his support."

If this is indeed the case - what about Democrats taking money from Republicans? Maybe that makes them a Republican canidate - come to think of it - maybe the Democrats are Republicans!

Here is the case of Senate Minority Leader Tom Daschle (the top Democrat in congress) who has Republicans lining up to give him lots of money. So much, that it caused an outcry on this conservative web site.

David Rehr, a former House Republican aide who is now a lobbyist for the National Association of Beer Wholesalers, makes no apology for contributing to Mr Daschle's campaign.

"It did raise a few eyebrows," admits Mr Rehr, chuckling. "When people looked at me - a Republican and a big supporter of this president - ...I had to tell him we would be giving to Daschle,... But it's nothing personal. It's more about trying to re-elect someone who has been with us on the issues."

And here is some info. showing that Daschle received $1,759,897 from Business, his opponent, a Republican, only received $234,900!

And what about Presidential campaigens of Kerry/Bush? A quick search of the web for the top 100 donors is revealing:  

Goldman Sachs gave a total of $3,910,296 divided almost equally between the Republicans and Democrats!
National Associaton of Realtors gave a total of $2,062,839 also divided almost equally between the duopoly!
Citgroup gave a total of 1,659,287 also divided equally!

What is going on here? Could it be that Ralph Nader and Peter Camejo are right?!! That there is no such thing as "two parties" - that this is a duopoly - duking it out amongst themselves every four years, and duping the rest of us?!!

On a CNN interview Nader rightly said:

"A huge amount of Republican fat cats have supported Democrats, huge amount of Republican fat cats have supported Republicans -- Democrats supported Republicans because they play both sides of the aisle."

This November, do the right thing, for yourself, for your family, for America: