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Monday, July 26, 2004

Dennis don't betray yourself!

Dennis Kucinich was the one Democrat that progressive anti-war activists could rally around - Now, he has joined the Kerry/Edwards pro-war/anti-peace campaigen! 
Nader/Camejo supporters cannot follow Dennis to the "big tent" because there is no big tent - there is only a big corporate duopoly! End this charade! Dennis, return to your roots!

Here are ten reasons why there is no place in the Democratic Party for people who hold to their principles and progressive programs:

Kerry-Edwards supports the war in Iraq.
Unlike Senator Feingold, Kerry-Edwards undermines the Constitution and civil liberties in the U.S. They voted for the Patriot Act – an overly aggressive assault on our Constitution.
John Kerry represents corporations and the wealthy, not the working majority.
Kerry-Edwards does not promise health care for all. Forty-five million Americans don’t have health insurance and more and more can’t afford to keep it. 
Dennis Kucinich’s relationship with the Democratic Party is a one way street without any reciprocity.  
Read more reasons here!

Contrast the above anti-working family program of Kerry/Edwards - with the Nader/Camejo issue statements - take some time to read them here!