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Wednesday, July 28, 2004

Barack Obama - A Progressive?!! Follow the money!

Barack Obama is being hailed by many liberals and some conservatives alike (Thank you MWU! for revealing this scorecard).

A new star is born - a real mover and shaker!

Time to take a closer look - and follow the money trail...

A simple web search reveals some interesting facts:

Obama's major contributions were from the Finance/Insurance/Real Estate industries totaling over a million dollars ($1,061,279)!
Then came the lawyers, nearly eight hundred thousand dollars ($793,501)! With labor unions barely able to compete with these heavy hitters at $165,225

And like many congressional canidates (house and senate) the "pro-Israel" groups gave him a nice gift of $55,800.
Let's now take a closer look at just a few of Obama's major contributors

Henry Crow and Company comes in second at $65,500:

The firm had a significant stake in General Dynamics, a top national defense contractor, until General Dynamics sold many of its business units after Henry Crown's death in 1990; it now holds an 8% stake. The Crown family, worth an estimated $3.6 billion, ranks #132 on "Forbes" list of world billionaires.

Soros Fund Management
comes in third at $60,000

Soros Fund Management's perennially successful funds, including its flagship Quantum Endowment Fund, historically have had investment strategies based on macroeconomic trends, such as monitoring a nation's economic health to bet against its currency. (In 1992 Soros gained $1 billion worth of notoriety after investing against the British Pound.)

Next is Tejas Securities with $46,000 - But Tejas also gave George W. Bush $25,000 in 2000 (have they had a sudden change of heart?!!!)

And then there is this law firm of Kirkland and Ellis ($37,050) that proudly states on their website

The National Law Journal's survey entitled "Who Represents Corporate America" has ranked Kirkland & Ellis among the top five most frequently used firms by Fortune 250 corporations.

And the law firm of Mayer, Brown et al. ($30,500) who claim to be amongst the 10 largest law firms in the world - and who count amongst their Partners, this person Steven R. Selsberg, who proudly says on his website:

Represented Philip Morris and Lorillard in individual smoking & health cases in Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, New Mexico and Arkansas

Representing Corporate America, betting against currencies, billionaires, lawyers, financial, real estate industries?!!!! This is the Democratic Party's idea of "diversity?" -

Who are they trying to fool?!

YOU! That's Who! It is YOU who they are trying to fool!

This November, for yourself, for your family, for America,!

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